Late Victorian Canopy on LegsLate Victorian Canopy on Legs Late Victorian Canopy on Legs

Late Victorian Canopy on Legs


A cast iron canopy on legs with an Art Nouveau hood.


SOLD was £395

  • Size
  • Fireplace Body Width
    21 inches (53 cm)
  • Fireplace Height
    37.75 inches (96 cm)
  • Fireplace Opening Width
    18 inches (45.5 cm)
  • Fireplace Depth
    8 inches (20.25 cm)
  • Comes complete with bars (b12 )
  • Comes with 18 inch clay fireback.
  • We will make tiled panels to fit on either side with either tube lined or hand dipped 6x2 tiles
  • A mantel or fire surround is needed to finish. It should have an opening to suit the size of the canopy and the tile panels (around 38 inches high) and be aropund 40-42 inches wide overall.
  • A hearth of tiles laid flush with the floor or slabbed to 2 inches inch thick (the mantel opening of would then need to be 40 inches if the hearth is to sit between the mantel legs).
  • A trapezoidal piece of steel to go across the top of the canopy and tile panels and span the gap to the front of the mantle will be required.
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