Georgian Hob Grate Georgian Hob Grate

William IV Hobgrate


A William IV hobgrate c 1840 in five pieces manufactured by the Low Moor foundry (Leeds and Bradford).

It has ribbed curved back panels to reflect the heat that sit on small hobs. The front faces are decorated with a floral design. The front bars have a leafy embellishment.

It is shown supported with firebricks .


SOLD was £550

  • Size
  • Hobgrate Width
    29 inches (73.5 cm)
  • Hobgrate Height
    19 inches (48.25 cm)
  • Overall Height
    40 inches (101.5 cm)
  • Grate Width
    12 inches (30.5 cm)
  • Hobgrate Depth
    inches (?? cm)
  • Hob grates didn't have ashpans. A Tidy Betty was sometimes stood in front of the fire to stop any burning embers rolling into the room.
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