Georgian Pine Fireplace MantelGeorgian Pine Fireplace Mantel

Georgian Pine Fireplace Mantel


This smaller size original fireplace mantel comes from the greater Manchester, and was likely made around 1850.

It is presently in an unfinished condition, but arrived to us with a lot of coats of paint through the ages. the original (first ) coat was of a pale green .

The mantel is very basic, and was fixed to the wall using large hand-made nails that were just driven through the tops of the legs of the mantel then the holes filled.

The mantel has no rebate and would have probably been fitted along with a cast iron arched insert.



  • Overall Width
    48 inches (121.9cm)
  • Overall Height
    46 inches (116.8cm)
  • Opening Width
    30 inches (76.2cm)
  • Opening Height
    38.5 inches (97.8cm)
  • Fireplace Depth
    2.5 inches (6.3cm)
  • Top Shelf Depth
    5.75 inches (14.6cm)
    • Would suit a cast iron fireplace insert
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