The Amsterdam Combination FireplaceThe Amsterdam Combination Fireplace

The Amsterdam



Last one available!

An Art Nouveau Fireplace with a standard 16x22 fireplace opening surrounded by a uniquely straight art nouveau plant stem decoration climbing up and over the opening starting from the very tall grooved feet.

The frieze is decorated with five floral

dancing triffids carrying seeds

The trapezoidal hood has a scrolled Tulip motif.

£415 Black

£460 Highlight

  • Size
  • Fireplace Body Width
    37 inches (94 cm)
  • Fireplace Height
    46.1 inches (117 cm)
  • Fireplace Opening Width
    16 inches (40.5 cm)
  • Fireplace Opening Height
    22.4 inches (57 cm)
  • Fireplace Mantel Width
    42 inches (106.5 cm)
  • A Cast Iron Fireback is included.
  • Solid fuel kit (bottom grate ashpan and tool) available £45 extra
  • Dedicated gas fire available for class I flue £225
  • Dedicated gas fire available for class II flue £245
  • Gas Fire available for LPG £POA
  • Tube Lined Tulip Blue and Ivory Tile Set £110