Fireplace Inserts

Our cast iron fireplace inserts fit inside a fire surround or mantel. They will also require a fireback and a hearth to complete the set up.

Fireplace inserts have to be slightly larger than the opening of the surrounding mantel. Although cast iron inserts are generally fixed in size, we make steel fillets (3 sided frames) to allow small inserts to fit in larger mantel openings. These are usually finished in matt black.

The Merrion Fireplace Insert

Horseshoe Inserts

Early Victorian fireplace inserts have broad arched fire openings but with much more ornate decoration around the fireplace opening than earlier Georgian style fireplace inserts.

The Sutton Fireplace Insert

Arched Inserts

Mid Victorian fireplace inserts tend to have narrower arched fire openings with more geometric than floral decoration.

The Prince Fireplace Insert

Tiled Inserts

At the end of the Victorian era fireplace inserts become more square with more prominent hoods and tiles on tile sliders. The fireplace in the Edwardian era are similar to those of the late Victorian period but even more geometric. Plain tiles in the tile sliders became popular, matching the hearth tiles.