Fire Surrounds

Fire surrounds or mantels frame a fireplace insert and we have a wide variety in various styles and materials to suit any decor.

The Victorians and Edwardians used the mantle shelf to display ornaments usually with a mirror behind and today they still provide a handy place to put your car keys and post.

The ? Mantel

Stone Mantels

These fire surrounds are made from marble, limestone or other stones but not slate.

Marble mantles were common throughout the Victorian era, with Carrara marble perhaps the most popular choice.

Limestone provides a more contemporary interpretation of the traditional styles shown here.

The Slate Mantel 56

Slate Mantels

Slate mantels were popular at the end of the Victorian era and Edwardian times and were almost always painted to look like more expensive marbles

However plain black slate can provide a stylish counterpoint to some of the more ornate tiled inserts popular from 1880 to 1914

morris mantel and soverign insert

Timber Mantels

In Victorian times wooden mantels tended to be made from mahogany. If made from pine they would be painted to look like more expensive wood or commonly painted white with gilded detailing.

The Edwardian era saw the introduction of taller wooden mantels in mahogany or oak often with large mirrors incorporated into the design.

The ? Mantel

Cast Iron Mantels

Cast Iron mantels were used throughout the Victorian period, especially around kitchen ranges, although there were plenty of ornate ones produced for other rooms as well.