quarry tile fireplace Hearths

Quarry Tile Hearths

A Fireplace hearth is a fire-resistant area placed around a fire.

The Decorative Hearth sits over the constructional hearth and is usually made from stone, slate or ceramic tiles. It must cover the constuctional hearth if floorboards are exposed.

Slabbing is the method of filling the underneath of the hearth with reinforced concrete. This provides a stable base for the tiles.

Quarry Tile Hearths
Quarry Tiles are robust unglazed tiles that are very hard wearing.

Our quarry tile Hearths are available in black, red in 150mm tiles. These Hearths are available in flat back and in tongued back models.

Black Quarry Tile Hearth

A 9 Tile Standard with a kick is 52.75 inches x 14.75 inches

Black Quarry Tile Hearths, Sizes and Prices
with a 30 inch x 3 inch kick


Edwardian Two colour Quarry Tile Hearth

Edwardian Two colour Quarry Tile Hearth

Many Edwardian houses had tiles laid in a diamond pattern in the porch and through the hallway with this feature being reproduced around the fireplace.

Edwardian Two colour Quarry Tile Hearth

Colours Available

We can offer a made to measure hearth in black, terracotta or off white quarry tiles laid in this manner and in 2 colours with a black border.

The hearth sizes are determined by how many whole diamond patterns of roughly 10 cm (4 inches) wide can be contained inside the border strip which can vary from 5 cm (2 inches) to 10 cm (4 inches) wide.

Diamond patterned quarry tiled hearth

Different borders are available with or without mitred corners.

The diamond pattern is roughly 4 inch and the border size can be varied to make the hearth up to the required overall size

The individual quarry tiles (nominal 6 inch but invariably less than that at around 5.75 inches) are also available

Full details of all our fireplace tiles and hearths
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2 colour diamond patterned quarry tiled hearth

Individual Hearth Tiles Individual Hearth Tiles are available in various finishes and shapes.

Our Standard Sizes

A Standard Size Hearth is 54 inch x 15 inch x2 inch thick with or without a kick (a tongue extending back) but all other sizes are available.

What Hearth Shapes are Available?

Flat Backs

Flat back Hearths are for use when the fireplace opening is level or just in front of the brickwork of the chimney.


Kicks or tongues accomodate fireplaces openings that step back behind the wall line of the chimney breast.

Back Hearths

A back hearth is an outsized kick for where the chimney breast has been opened up to take a stove of firebasket. They can be attached to the front hearth or be a separate piece depending on the size and shape.

Cut Outs

A cut out is required when the fireplace system is fixed in the floor and is forward of the chimney e.g. Baxi Burnall underfloor and similar systems.

Boxed and Lipped

Boxed and lipped is the standard format for slate, limestone and marble hearths. The top of the hearth overhangs by 0.5 inches (1cm) at the front and either side.

Boxed Flush

Boxed flush slate, limestone and marble hearths have the vertical returns of the hearth are the same size as the top piece (this costs £10 more than the boxed and lipped price).

Fireplace Hearth Sizes

There are strict regulations governing the size of a fireplace hearth.

For a Gas Fire the hearth must be a raised plinth 2 inches thick that extends at least 15 inches in front of the fire opening.

Solid Fuel Fireplaces

With an open fire it is recommended that the hearth be 18 inches deep. If there is a fixed fender then there is no defined limit.

For firebaskets with an open fire the hearth is recommended to be 18 inches in front of the fire as with all solid fuel fires. If there is a fixed fender then there is no defined limit.

We can supply separate back hearths for use with fire baskets.

Solid Fuel Stove
The hearth should extend 12" in front of any open access to the fire in the stove.

We can supply separate back hearths for use with stoves

Once the regulations are complied with the size and shape of your hearth is down to aesthetics.

If you have exposed floorboards then the hearth should fully cover the constructional hearth to avoid seeing the concrete.

If your fireplace has a mantel then the hearth size will vary depending on whether the mantel stands on the hearth or the hearth sits between the mantel legs