Solid Fuel Kit

The majority of cast iron reproduction fireplaces are sold nowadays with a gas fire in mind and so we do nor supply all the parts for burning coal as standard.

If you want to burn solid fuel such as coal or logs on your fire you'll need a Solid Fuel Kit. This is a grate, an ashpan with an ashpan tool and a solid fuel flue flap.

The grate supports the coal or wood and is raised up from the ground so that air can flow from underneath to feed the burning fuel. A variety of grates are available to match the profile of the fire bars and minimise the gap that burning fuel might fall through.

The ashpan collects the burnt fuel that falls through the slots in the grate. The ashpan tool enables you to manouvre the ashpan whilst it is still hot.

The Solid Fuel Flue Flap enables you to close off the flue when the fire is not in use to prevent draughts.

This is different to a gasfire flue flap which by law may never be closed. It is also strongly recommended that you do not light your coal fire with the flue flap closed as the house will fill with smoke and fumes very quickly!

A Solid Fuel Kit

Solid Fuel Kit


Most solid fuel kits comprise a grate, an ashpan, an ashpan tool and a flue flap that can be fully closed to prevent draughts when the fire is not in use.


  • Sizes vary depending on the fireplace you have chosen.