All products should reach you in perfect condition, however please inspect goods prior to installation as no liability can be accepted for redecoration once installed.

We reserve the right to change specification without prior notice. All materials featured on this website are as accurate as possible to the original product within the constraints and limitations of the graphics.

We recommend installation of all products by a professional fireplace installer and cannot be held responsible for damage arising from incorrect or unqualified installation.

Cast Iron

Due to the casting process all measurements of cast iron products are approximate and may vary slightly.

Polished cast iron areas should remain greased or oiled with a non flammable product until placed in a working fire situation.

When burning Solid Fuel, a new Cast Iron Fireplace must be tempered by burning small fires initially. No responsibility can be accepted for heat damage where this procedure has not been followed.

Polished Cast Iron and Brass products are not recommended for use with solid fuel fires as some discolouration will occur.

Occasionally this tarnishing process, which does not affect the serviceability of the product, may also occur with high output gas fires. If a slight change in colour will cause distress it is strongly recommended that black products are selected.

Some products may not be suitable for certain flue types. Before purchase we recommend you seek advice from a CORGI registered installer.


Shading and crazing are inherent characteristics of glazed tiles.


Most coloured marbles are inherently unsound and this may vary hairline cracks in some varieties to extensive brecciation in others. Generally speaking, the more inchfigure inch a marble contains the greater the need for reinforcement, repair and filling in one form or another. Fortunately, with modern techniques and skills these repairs and fillings can be well concealed and the parts so treated are normally the stronger sections of the marble; such repairs should not therefore be regarded in any way as defects. In the course of developing a quarry, considerable variation often occurs in the colours and veining of the marble extracted, and for this reason close uniformity of appearance is not natural and should not be expected. When for reasons of size, therefore, marble has to be in two or more pieces, it is sometimes impossible to match the graining exactly to conceal the joints.

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